Employment Agreement Template
An employment agreement is a contract between an employer and employee setting out each party’s rights and obligations, such as compensation and type of work.

When to use this employment agreement template?
Whenever the parties wish to create an employee-employer relationship between them.

Specifications of this agreement
This employment agreement template has many options. The most important ones are as following:

  1. Duration of agreement: you can choose whether the agreement should have a fixed end date or not. And if it will have a fixed end date, whether the contract should be renewable for additional periods of time.
  2. Probation period: you have the option to include a probation period during which the Employer can terminate the Employee for poor performance or for other reasons.
  3. Compensation: you have many options as to compensation methods such as annual salary, hourly rate, weekly salary, commissions, and salary plus commissions. You also have the flexibility to choose a common method of calculating commissions or use your own specifications.
  4. Car allowance: you have the option to include provisions on car use or car allowance.
  5. Vacation: you can choose to set the number of weeks of vacation given to Employee or refer to the minimum required by law. You can also choose whether such weeks should roll over year to year.
  6. Non-competition clause: you can choose to include a prohibition for the Employee to compete with the Employer’s business for a certain period of time after termination of the agreement.
  7. Non-solicitation clause: you can also choose to include a prohibition for the Employee to solicit clients or other employees away from the Employer.
  8. Damages in case of breach: you can also include a provision providing for damages if the Employee breaches any of his obligations under the agreement.

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