Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template
This Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement template is an agreement between any two parties where both parties wish to protect certain confidential information that will be disclosed to each other.

Party A: one party to the agreement. Can be an individual, registered business, corporation or partnership
Party B: one party to the agreement. Can be an individual, registered business, corporation or partnership

When to use this Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement template
Before disclosure of any confidential information by the parties for :
o development of Business Plan of either or both of the Parties
o for the evaluation of a potential business relationship between the Parties
o for the purposes of the consultant-client relationship between the Parties
o other purposes

Specifications of this Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement template
The confidential information protected by this agreement includes all verbal, written and digital information that a party’s proprietary information or regarding the party’s business. Examples of confidential information are: business plan, financial statements, customer and supplier lists, designs, logos, patents, ideas and software.

This NDA also allows the party receiving the confidential information to disclose it to its authorized representatives on a ‘need to know’ basis. These authorized representatives should also sign an NDA before having access to the confidential information.

The party receiving the information shall not use or publish the confidential information at any time without the Discloser’s permission unless:

  1. The information was known by the receiving party before it was received
  2. The information becomes public
  3. The information was disclosed to the receiving party by a third party who was authorized to disclose such information
  4. Such disclosure is required by law

This Agreement is not a licensing agreement for the use of the confidential information. The receiving party may only use it for the purpose agreed to.To complete this form, please collect:

  1. Name and address of Party A
  2. Names and titles of any of Party A’s Representatives (ex: CEO, COO, President)
  3. Name and address of the Party B
  4. Names and titles of any of Party B’s Representatives (ex: CEO, COO, President)
  5. Purpose for which this NDA is needed
  6. If information should be kept confidential: (1) until it becomes public knowledge or (2) for a certain amount of time after disclosure

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