Sales Representative Agreement
This document is an agreement between two parties by which one agrees to act as the sales representative to sell and market the other’s products and/or services.

Principal: the party whose products and/or services will be sold and marketed
Representative: the party who will be selling and marketing the Principal’s products and/or services

When to use this Sales Representative Agreement?
To formalize an agreement between the Principal and the Representative before any services are provided.

Specifications of this Sales Representative Agreement
This document has the following options to be chosen from:

  1. Type of Principal and Representative. You can use this form for Principals and Representatives who are individuals, registered businesses, corporations or partnerships.
  2. Exclusivity. You can choose to add a clause stating that the Principal will use the Representative exclusively to sell and market its products and/or services.
  3. Renewal Term. You can choose to include that this agreement will automatically renew itself.
  4. Compensation. You can choose from multiple compensation options such as annual salary, hourly rate, commissions, salary plus commissions and many more.
  5. Non-competition clause: you can choose to include a prohibition for the Representative to compete with the Principal’s business for a certain period of time after termination of the agreement.
  6. Non-solicitation clause: you can also choose to include a prohibition for the Representative to solicit clients or other employees away from the Principal.
  7. Damages in case of breach: you can also include a provision providing for damages if the Representative breaches any of his obligations under the agreement.

Information to collect before completing this form:

  1. Name and address of Principal and Representative
  2. Names of Principal’s and Representatives signatories (if any)
  3. Compensation to be provided to Representative
  4. Duration of agreement

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